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COVID-19 Health Precautions / Regulations

Slim U Canada Inc. is OPEN!

We are closely monitoring Covid-19 and its impact in our community.

Our highest priority during this time is the health and safely of our customers and their families.

We cannot control the severity or the unpredictability of this virus

however we at Slim U Canada Inc. will take every preventative measure to prevent the spread.

We will be following the government and provincial authorities guidelines

with prudence in our daily operation with preventative safety measures which include the following:

Our private clinic ONLY accommodates


and we are requesting that you


There will be a gap of up to 10 minutes between each client

to ensure that there is no cross over and enough time to thoroughly disinfect all areas.

We want to refrain from anyone being in the waiting area,

ensuring complete privacy, one-on-one client treatment protocol,

for the safety of everyone.

Each client is ask to:

1) disinfect hands with sanitizer provided

2) to wear a new mask provided

(we ask that you are wearing a mask at all times in the clinic and in treatment)

3) to put on a new pair of socks provided for you, over your existing socks

(no bare feet allowed)

In addition to our standard health history form,

you will need to complete a mandatory Covid-19 waiver form

which must be filled out each and every time prior to your treatment.

Should you have ANY flu like symptoms however have a negative Covid test 

we still request that you do not come into the clinic until your flu like symptoms are gone (minimum 10 days).

We will be doing a temperature check via forehead non-contact thermometer.

ANYONE with a temperature with more than 37.5 degrees Celsius

will not be allowed to receive treatment.

  • Each client will be provided their own personal body straps, towels and blankets by the clinic.

  • For the safety of our clients, all team members will be wearing gloves and masks.

  • The prevention and control of infection is standard procedure at Slim U Canada Inc.,and we continue to follow the most stringent procedures for cleaning and maintenance.

We employ industry-leading techniques including:

• Surfaces (switches, door handles, any area clients or employees are touching) and equipment

in rooms are disinfected between every client, with hospital grade disinfectant and disinfectant wipes

• Floors are mopped and disinfected between each client.

• Washroom is disinfected between each client.