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Dr. Oz Recommends Cold Laser Therapy

Whether you live with back, joint or inflammatory pain, Dr. Oz recommends the no-pill pain solution that not just hides your pain, but eliminates it - Cold Laser Therapy.

“It just minutes, it can have a dramatic effect on your inflammation with cold laser therapy,” according to Dr. Oz.

“As the inflammation shrinks and shrivels, you begin to feel like you can bend again.”

He finishes the segment by stating,“With such dramatic results, anyone with spine and joint issues should be taking advantage of it.” -- Dr. Oz

How does Cold Laser Therapy work?

Healing is essentially a cellular process.

Cold Laser Therapy stimulates the cell activation process, which initiates a chain of reactions, from the cell membrane to the cytoplasm, to the nucleus and DNS.

This is called cellular amplification, whose demonstration earned the Nobel Prize in 1994.

This drug-free therapy stimulates damaged tissues, which hastens healing and reduces inflammation.

The ultimate goal of Cold Laser Therapy is to alleviate symptoms, such as pain, swelling, and spasms.

Through this symptom alleviation, many patients find a return to greater functionality in the target area.

The therapy can be helpful to various patients.

  • reduces inflammation and eliminates pain.
  • reduces swelling caused by inflamed joints.
  • provides better joint mobility and stimulates tissue regeneration.
  • activates the lymphatic drainage system to drain the swollen area of the body and reduce inflammation.
  • it is safe.
  • it is non-invasive and does not use strong lasers, which do not damage the cells.
  • the treatment does not result in over-stimulation or overdose.
  • it is painless and non-toxic.
  • it does not have any side effects.
  • provides relief from arthritis by eliminating pain and reducing inflammation.
  • helps increase joint mobility and improves immune cell efficiency.

This technology  is not only beneficial to your health,

but has been proven to mitigate pain and inflammation and promote cell function.

Unlike high intensity light or laser exposure, LLLT does not burn your skin,

but simply allows your mitochondria to absorb the light and turn it into cellular energy.

What Does Cold Laser Therapy (CLT) Treat?

CLT is versatile, as it works on all cell types (such as muscle, ligament, cartilage, nerves, and so on).

Because of this fact, there are many conditions that exist where CLT is a viable treatment.

Here is an overview of common conditions that CLT treats:

Arthritis: At its most basic form, arthritis is the inflammation of one or more joints in the body.

The problem may be a result of cartilage degeneration from everyday wear and tear.

The condition exists in many forms.

General arthritis symptoms include pain, stiffness, and swelling.

Arthritis of the knee is the most common, as it is a load-bearing joint.

Although Laser Therapy is not a cure for arthritis, the anti-inflammatory potency of laser therapy is ideal

for the treatment of chronic conditions such as arthritis.

Fibromyalgia Pain: A common, yet complex, chronic pain disorder that causes pain and tenderness throughout the body. Fibromyalgia is not very well understood, and symptoms vary in intensity from case to case.

There are often mental health symptoms associated with this condition,

such as depression and difficulty concentrating.

Tendonitis: Tendonitis is the inflammation of the tendons–the cord-like glue that holds bones and muscles together.

Most commonly, this injury is the result of minor, repetitive impacts in the same area over a period of time.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Carpal tunnel syndrome compresses the primary nerves in the hand as they pass through the wrist. Usually, this condition causes pain, numbness, and tingling in both the hand and arm.

Most of the time, this condition worsens without treatment. Thankfully, CLT is known to give carpal tunnel relief.

Cold Level Laser Therapy also treats more general conditions,

such as chronic back pain and musculoskeletal pain.

Additionally, some doctors use CLT for wound healing of minor sprains and injuries.

This technology is beneficial for pain relief and can accelerate the body’s ability to heal itself

and has a long history and strong basic science evidence, which supports its use in pain management.

It has been shown to reduce inflammation and edema,

induce analgesia and promote healing in a range of musculoskeletal pathologies.

It however does not correct situations involving structural deficits or instabilities whether in bone or in soft tissue and should only be used as an adjuvant therapy for pain relief in patients with neuropathic pain and neurologic deficits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Cold Laser Therapy Advantages?

The biggest advantage of CLT is that it is not an invasive procedure.

This means that CLT does not use any surgical incisions to provide treatment to the patient.

Because of this, one of the main advantages of CLT is its fast recovery time.

There is no chance of any damage occurring to surrounding or affected tissues.

Additionally, CLT is a conservative alternative to more risk-inherent treatments, such as pain medication.

Some pain medications are highly addictive,

which may lead to serious health problems if they are not taken as directed.

This is hard for some, because when we are in pain we naturally seek ways to relieve it.

As a result, this often translates to addiction problems.

CLT does not have any specific disadvantages innate to the procedure itself. The only potential disadvantages are the ones associated with any form of medical treatment.

There is always a chance that the patient may not achieve symptom relief with the first treatment.

It may or may not take a series of treatments depending on the state of the patient’s condition.

This, however, is true for almost any form of medical treatment and is not unique to CLT.

Does the treatment hurt? What does a treatment feel like?

There is mild or no sensation during treatment.

Occasionally one feels a mild, soothing warmth or tingling

How safe is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy has been researched extensively and been shown to be both safe and effective.

Beneficial to bodily tissues, laser therapy is non-invasive, non-toxic and non-thermal.

Worldwide research to date has failed to record any negative effects from this process.

Are there any side effects or associated risks?

No side effects 

Does laser therapy cause cancer?


Cold Laser Therapy is very safe because it generally utilizes wavelengths above 632 nm.

Therefore the laser beam is not producing ionizing radiation (which can cause cancer)

like X-rays, Gamma rays, etc.

It is even safer then ordinary sunlight.

Sunlight contains cancer-causing wavelengths

(below 320 nm) such as ultra-violet light.

How long does the treatment take?

The average treatment duration is 20 minutes depending on the condition and size of the area being treated.

How frequently should a patient be treated?

Acute conditions can initially be treated daily if required. Chronic conditions respond best when treatments are received 

2-3 times per week.

As the client's condition improves, treatments are tapered to 

once a week, once every two weeks, or monthly.

How many treatments does it take?

This varies with the each condition.

Acute conditions may only require 3 - 6 treatments while more chronic or long standing issues

may require 9 - 24 sessions.

The average treatment times range from 20 minutes to

an hour, depending on the condition.

Chronic conditions such as moderate to severe arthritis may require periodic ongoing care to alleviate symptoms.

Laser light absorption as a result of photon bombardment of various bio-molecules in the cell results in the transformation of light into biochemical energy.

This is a cumulative effect and requires sufficient stimulation in order to initiate response.

How long until I notice results?

You may feel results after your first treatment, but this is more common is acute injuries.

Each treatment is cumulative and most patients feel results after 3-6-9 sessions.

Why choose Cold Laser Treatments?

One of the better reasons for choosing to go with this kind of therapy is its ability to treat pain that occurs for reasons that are as yet unspecified.

It’s safe enough to reduce pain and inflammation in the body without the fear of worsening or exacerbating the causes of pain and inflammation.


When treating pain in seniors,

laser treatment can be very beneficial.

Seniors suffering from neck and joint pain due to arthritis have experienced substantial relief without the need for other therapies.

Since laser treatments are safe enough to be administered as often as is necessary, it’s well suited for elderly chronic pain sufferers.

Chronic pain is classified as any pain that is persistent and lasts for weeks or years.

Many of the elderly suffer from chronic pain in the neck, joints, and muscles that can be relieved with regular low-level laser treatments.


Patients do not typically get full relief or resolution from their pain symptoms after the first treatment.

It takes a series of treatments, usually 9 to 24, depending on the severity and duration of the condition.

Patients often return for treatments at least 2 to 3 times per week.

Cold laser therapy expenses.

Unfortunately medical insurance carriers do not cover any of the treatment as it is a laser therapy.

Helps Your Body Heal Itself Without Medication

One of the reasons Cold Laser is considered an alternative medicine is that it has produced results without the use of medication.

If you’re sensitive or allergic to harsh medications,

it is a wonderful alternative that is safe, natural, and effective


  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Invasive
  • No side effects or pain
  • Cost effective
  • Highly effective in treating ailments
  • Extremely safe

The Laser is intended to emit energy in the visible and infrared spectrum to provide topical heating for the purpose of elevating tissue temperature for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness,

minor arthritis pain, or muscle spasm; the temporary increase in local blood circulation; and/or the temporary relaxation of muscle.

This technology and treatment is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

It is important to know, 100% certainty of success cannot be assured as with any medical procedure.

It is also important to note that in the vast majority of cases, supported by numerous clinical studies, patients achieve satisfactory results.

Results may vary and therefore not meet expectations of all patients completing a full series of treatments.

The cold laser is not suitable for those who are

pregnant, have a kidney disorder, liver disease,

poorly controlled diabetes or hypertension;

epilepsy, have a pacemaker, severe heart disease,

cardiac arrhythmias, severe thyroid gland dysfunction, immunosuppressed, have cancer and/or undergoing radiation therapy.

It is not for use on children.

This Laser is a cold laser and cold laser therapies have been safely employed for more than 30 years in clinics throughout the world.

In fact, the initial purpose of this LLLT technology was for pain relief and cell regeneration.